Owned brand: A complete line of Car accessories. Interiors accessories, designed to enhance the comfor of travelers, and outdoor accessories, ideal for protecting your car from eathering and to ensure quite journeys even in the most extreme conditions.

Disney licensee from 1998. Each product line is made with care and with particular attention to quality and safety to meet the needs of our young consumers and their families.

Owned brand: This brand is in charge of car caring since 1960. Second brand for brand awareness in the market. A complete line of products serving the cunsumer. Chemicals for care care and maintenance, lubricants and hand cleaning paste for professional user. Car air fresheners, a deep range of car mats, whiper blade, lamos and car accessories. An entire product line in security and electrical accessories branded Rally Prorace.

Owned brand: Universal anti theft made to protect and preserves cars. All references meet the need of protection felt by motorists.

Owned brand: All childcare references range presented in this section have in common the high profile of quality in accordance with European standards, that mix original design and functionality, essential elements to meet customers expectations Product Manager